Immortal Knights PSMC 

Articles & By-laws

Immortal Knights Public Safety Motorcycle Club History.

Who we are:

We are Police Officers, Fire Fighters, Paramedics, Corrections Officers, Dispatchers, Doctors, Nurses, EMT, Military Veterans and Citizens who enjoy serving their fellow Man.” It is about one human being loving others without needing it in return”.

Our History:

A knight was a member of a class of lower nobility in the High Middle Ages. By the Late Middle Ages, the rank had become associated with the ideals of chivalry, a code of conduct for the perfect courtly Christian warrior. Knights of the medieval era were asked to “Protect the weak, defenseless, helpless, and fight for the general welfare of all”. Chivalry was the main principle guiding a knight’s life style. In more modern times, our first responders: Police, Fire, Dispatchers or Medical services and our last responders: Of which have and/or are protecting our freedoms are some of those “Knights “of today.

Our Beginnings:

On December 2, 2011 the 8 founders, came together to form a new public safety motorcycle club. In choosing a name, we came up with the “Immortal Knights” and in its meaning is this. We commit ourselves to the memory of those who have fallen in defense of Life, Liberty and the freedom from oppression.
We chose “Immortal” as we intend to keep the memories of the fallen forever alive. As for the choice of “Knights” we see those who serve their communities, or their country in many different forms of public service as “Knights”. The letter I being the ninth letter of the alphabet, the letter K is the eleventh. Together they represent 911. This is to further honor our first responders and the memory of the tragic day in our history when the twin towers fell, and the senseless loss of life that came on that day.
We have chosen as our insignia a purple shield bearing a fiery Phoenix, the Mt Timpanogos, and the snow-capped mountain of ash with the green valley below, the shield representing the badges worn by some, in their service to the public. The fiery Phoenix represents the flight out of the old and re-birth of the clubs founders into a new and exciting era. The snow-capped mountain of ash and the green valley below represent where the founders first came together as friends. The purple back ground stands for the spirituality we hold close to our hearts.
We are powerful, but respectful of our brothers and sisters. Golden yellow stands for our understanding of what is right and gives us the serenity and wisdom to do the right thing. And the Red represents the blood of all of the fallen public safety that has gone before. Our excitement and passion for the wind in our hair as we ride for those that have, will, or can no longer enjoy life on two wheels.

Club Propose:

Our primary goal in becoming a Public Safety Motorcycle Club is to develop a bond between Law Enforcement Officers, Firefighters, EMT’s, Dispatchers, Military, Correctional Officers and Officers of the Court, Medical Doctors & Nurses and their families in time of need.


The trademark consisting of the name “Immortal Knights PSMC” and the Phoenix and Shield, shall henceforth be referred to as “Colors”. The Immortal Knights Colors are a registered trademark owned by the Founders of the Immortal Knights Public Safety Motorcycle Club.

Article 1: Last revision 2017

Immortal Knights PSMC was formed on December, 2, 2011. The original articles and by-laws were ratified on March 13, 2012. The Mother Chapter has the designation of IKMC. All subsequent chapters of IKPSMC will be designated with “IK” and the letters of their state of origin, and a roman numeral, (for example, California would be IKCA I).

Article 2: Last revision 2015

The founding members of IKPSMC are:
Randy “Jake” Patton,
Steve “Jetwash” Ridgeway
Mike “Pastor” Glackin
Anna “Minnie” Glackin
Bill “Bubba” Blank
Scott “Jester” Neil (Resigned from the club on June 20, 2013)
Teneil “Fidgit” Ridgeway (Resigned from the club on March 21, 2015)
Jean “Zippy” Blank (Ride name changed to Dory)

Article 3: Last revision 2016

Immortal Knights PSMC is an independent club; our only affiliation is with the Alliance.

Article 4:

The organization shall be known as the “Immortal Knights Public Safety Motorcycle Club” and henceforth referred to as “IKPSMC”.

Article 5: Last revision 2017

The Articles, By-laws, and Operating Procedures of IKPSMC can never be changed without consent of a majority vote of the Founders. When there are no longer Founders active in IKPSMC, the By-laws and Operating Procedures can only be changed by a majority vote by the Full Patched Members of the Mother Chapter and then ratified by the National Council.

Article 6: Last revision 2017

There will always be at least one Founder on any and all National Council of the IKPSMC until a time that there are no Founders in IKPSMC. When all of the Founders have left IKPSMC, there will always be a Full Member of the Mother Chapter on any and all National Councils. The election protocols for the National, State, and Chapter Officer Positions are listed within the Operating Procedures.

Article 7: Last revision 2014

There will be nine levels of membership in IKPSMC, Founding Member, Associate Founder, Charter Member, Full Member, Associate Member, Youth Member, Life Member, Honorary Member, and Prospective Member.

Article 8:

There will be 3 levels of chapters, Full Chapter, Probationary Chapter, and Errant Knight Chapter.

Article 9: Last revision 2016

Colors shall not be worn into any establishment with the intention of starting trouble. Fighting is forbidden for any club member while wearing club colors except in the case of self-defense. Club colors shall always be handled in a respectful manner. Conduct yourself with dignity, and never be dishonest with a club member. The club oath, taken when you patched in, is your promise to the club. You are expected to abide by your club oath. Public behavior directly reflects upon the club. Do not bring any form of discredit to the club. Members are expected to stop and offer roadside assistance to any fellow motorcyclist in need.


Section 1 Membership: Last revision 2017

The term Full Patch Member is someone that wears a patch with “IMMORTAL” as a top rocker and “KNIGHTS” as a bottom rocker. The term Patched Member is a general term for anyone that has an IKPSMC back patch on their vest. All members regardless of status are required to wear their club colors to all events, functions, and gatherings of IKPSMC. All patches remain the property of IKPSMC.

Founder/Associate membership are the original eight members that formed IKPSMC. Founders may hold any office in IKPSMC as long as they meet the qualifications set forth in these by-laws. Associate Founders may hold any office in IKPSMC with the exception of any President, Vice President, or Sergeant at Arms Offices. Founders have the authority to stand in place of any chapter officer when a chapter officer is absent. Founders have the authority to sit in and vote on any council used by any chapter of IKPSMC. The Founders will either wear a one piece or four piece patch set. Founders patch sets have the word IMMORTAL on the top rocker and the word KNIGHTS on the bottom rocker. Between the mini PSMC rocker and the shield, a Founder will also have the infinity sign. Founders are Full Patched Members and have voting rights as such. Associate Founders have the same voting rights as Associate Members when it pertains to chapter business. Associate Founders have full voting rights as it pertains to the articles or by-laws.

Full membership in IKPSMC is open to; Active, former, or retired Law Enforcement, Corrections Officers, Dispatchers, military or honorably retired military, Medical Doctors and Nurses, Firefighters, and EMT’s, presently owning or having access to a registered motorcycle with proof of holding a valid motorcycle license. Full Members will have voting rights for any and all club business. Full Members may hold any office within IKPSMC. Only Full Members may wear the four piece, or one piece patch. These patches can be identified with the top rocker reading, IMMORTAL and the bottom rocker reading, KNIGHTS. Full Members are also known as Full Patched Members.

Associate membership in the IKPSMC is for those individuals that do not meet full membership requirements. Associate members will have voting rights but, the sum of all Associate Members votes will count as one. (I.e. if there are 7 Associates and four votes yes and three vote no that will count as one yes vote for club business.) Associate members may hold any office with the exception of Chapter President, Chapter Vice President or Chapter Sgt. at Arms. The Associate patch is similar to the full member one piece patch with the top rocker reading IKPSMC, and the bottom rocker reading ASSOCIATE. Associate Members are also known as Patched Members.

Youth membership in IKPSMC is granted to children of members. Youth members will not have any voting rights in club business. Youth Members under the age of 16 are only required to attend the December 2nd Anniversary Meeting. Youth Members 16 years of age and older are required to attend all mandatory events. Youth members will be known as Squires/Maidens. Squire/Maiden may not hold any office or have any official duties in IKPSMC. The Squire/Maiden patch is similar to the full member one piece patch with the top rocker reading IKPSMC, and the bottom rocker reading SQUIRE/MAIDEN. Youth Members are also known as Patched Members.

Honorary membership is bestowed upon those individuals that have done great things for IKPSMC or any charitable organization that IKPSMC supports. Honorary members will not have a vote in any club business. The honorary patch is similar to the full member one piece patch with the top rocker reading IKPSMC, and the bottom rocker reading HONORARY. Honorary Members are also known as Patched Members.

Charter membership is for individuals that qualify for full membership status. Charter members are the five members that start a chapter of IKPSMC. Charter Members will have a patch “Charter Member”.

Life membership is bestowed upon Full or Associate Members that have been in good standing/disciplinary free with IKPSMC for a period of 10 years. Life Members will not have to pay any dues to the club or its chapters. Life Members retain all rights and privileges of the status they held before being voted in as a Life Member. Any Full or Associate Member may be given life membership status if there is a medical reason that they cannot ride a motorcycle but, wish to remain in the club. At that time the rule for being in the club for ten years may be waived. Life Members will be able to retire with their colors.
Life membership status is recommended by the National Council, and only granted by the Founders. When there are no longer any founders in IKPSMC, the Full Patched Members of the Mother Chapter will have the authority to grant life member status.
Once a Life Member retires, the only place they are allowed to wear their colors, are at club functions that the Retired Member attends.

Joining IKPSMC: Last revision 2017

Prior to joining IKPSMC and receiving the phase patches, the non-refundable application fee of $110.00 will be paid, the Membership application will be completed, with all required documentation, and a background check will be conducted. The application fee may be divided into smaller payments at the discretion of the Chapter Executive Council. The application fee must be paid in full by the phase one test.
To become a member of IKPSMC, a person is required to PROSPECT for a period of time, during which the Prospect must attend certain Club functions, thus giving the sitting membership time to get to know the individual. During phase one of the prospecting period, the Prospect should make every attempt to meet ALL sitting members of the chapter by introducing themselves, shaking hands, and making sure that the sitting Patched Members know they are serious about becoming a member of IKPSMC.
IKPSMC members are expressly prohibited from commencing or being a member of any motorcycle club other than IKPSMC.

The term motorcycle club shall not include motorcycle benefit organizations, such as American Motorcycle Association (A.M.A.), Harley Owners Group (H.O.G.), A Brotherhood Aiming Toward Education (A.B.A.T.E) or Patriot Guard Riders.
All members of IKPSMC will submit to a background check to verify their status as being eligible for membership in IKPSMC. IKPSMC does not accept individuals that have been convicted of a felony, or any charge that carries a prison sentence. Only the Founders, or National Council SGT. at Arms, will perform the background checks.

Sponsor Responsibilities: Last revision 2017

A Sponsor must be a mentor to the Prospect, and guide their Prospect through the process of becoming a member of the IKPSMC. It is the Sponsor’s responsibility to make sure that the Prospect knows the requirements to become a member, and to keep track of where their Prospect is in the process. The Sponsor must give the Chapter Members an update on their Prospect at every club meeting. Once the Prospect has completed all the requirements to become a member, it is the Sponsor’s responsibility to bring this to the attention of the Chapter Sgt. at Arms, who will in turn advise the Chapter President that the Prospect has completed the requirements. The Sponsor will be a member of the Chapter Membership Council for their individual Prospect.

Section 2 Chapters: Last revision 2017

Full Chapter is an operating chapter that has gone through the probationary phase and has been given the authority to conduct club business.
Probationary Chapter has at least five Full Patched members, but has not been granted Full Chapter status.
Errant Knight Chapters are those members that do not have enough individuals to qualify for a probationary chapter. Errant Knights report directly to the National Council President/designee.

Section 4 Club Officer Terms of Service:

A National Council position is for a term of ten years.
A State President position is for a term of six years.
A Chapter Council position is for a term of four years.

Section 5 Chapter Councils: Last revision 2017

Executive Council:
1. Chapter President
2. Chapter Vice President
3. Chapter Secretary
4. Chapter Treasurer

Membership Council:
1. Chapter President
2. Chapter Secretary
3. Chapter Sgt. at Arms
4. The Prospect’s Sponsor

Disciplinary Council:
1. Chapter President
2. Chapter Vice President
3. Chapter Secretary
4. Chapter Sgt. at Arms
5. Two Full Patched Members

Section 6 Club Ranking Structure: Last revision 2017

1. Founder/Associate Founder
2. National Council President
3. National Council Vice President
4. National Council Sergeant at Arms
5. State President
6. Chapter President
7. Chapter Vice President
8. Chapter Secretary
9. Chapter Treasurer
10. Chapter Sergeant at Arms
11. Charter Member
12. Full Member
13. Associate Member
14. Squire/Maiden Member
15. Prospect

Section 7 Mandatory Events: Last revision 2017

Although IKPSMC does follow the premise of being family/employment first, we do have certain events that are mandatory for a member to attend to remain in good standing. There are three such events per year that are mandatory. These events are listed below:
1. The First Responders Tribute Ride (held in June)
2. The Fallen Officer Ride
3. The IKPSMC Anniversary Meeting (this meeting is always held on December 2nd.)
Failure to attend any one of these events will result in disciplinary actions. Members that have been placed on sabbatical status are exempt from the attendance requirement of mandatory events. Any absence from a mandatory event must be approved by the Chapter Executive Council.
The above list of mandatory events only applies to the State of Utah Chapters.
Club Members that reside out of the State of Utah will conduct the IKPSMC Anniversary Meeting on December 2nd, and a First Responder Tribute Ride. They must find another, annually held, approved ride that benefits First Responders to add to their mandatory events for a total of three mandatory events per year.

Section 8 Awards: Last revision 2017

Squire/Maiden Award

Standing Knight

Knight of Honor

Knight of Valor

Phoenix Council Award

Infinity Award

Founders Last Ride Patch

This patch is to honor a Founding Member of IKPSMC, after they have taken their last ride on this earth.

Last Ride Patch

This patch is to honor our members who have taken their last ride on this earth; this includes all patched members.

Amicus Immortales

This is awarded to those individuals that uphold the ideals and standards of IKPSMC, but for personal or organizational reasons are not a member of IKPSMC.

Section 9 Honorary Members: Last revision 2017

Scott “Cab” Johns  June 16, 2013. Cab was essential in helping IKPSMC to start the First Responder Tribute Rides.

Nannette “Ghost Rider” Wride July 23, 2014. Ghost Rider is the widow of Sgt. Cory Wride and founded two charities that IKPSMC supports. The Utah Code 4 and Blue Haven Foundations.

Jessica “Doc” Le August 21, 2017. Doc is the widow of Officer Cory Brotherson and a great supporter of Law Enforcement charities.

Marty “Yoda” O’Bray August 21, 2017. Yoda has made a major donation every year to our First Responder Tribute Ride.

Section 10 By-law Revisions/ Ratifications: Last revision 2017

1. Original By-law and Articles written on March 13, 2012. Ratified on March 13, 2012
2. Revision 1. Written November 25, 2012. Ratified on December 2, 2013
3. Revision 2. Written December 1, 2014. Ratified on December 2, 2014
4. Revision 3. Written April 10, 2015. Ratified on April 25, 2015
5. Revision 4. Written May 1, 2015. Ratified on May 8, 2015
6. Revision 5. Written August 23, 2016. Ratified on September 16, 2016
7. Revision 6. Written March 21, 2017. Ratified on April 23, 2017
8. Revision 7. Written August 24, 2017. Ratified on September 17, 2017
9. Revision 8. Written November 22, 2017. Ratified on December 2, 2017